"Why does the world of true artistry seem impermanent
and deceiving now?
I have seen infinite works that are done under the sun that are worth exploring, for they are insightful, lyrical, and lucid. Even the blind see that mysterious beauty."
And behold! All is now vanity, and vexation of essence. There is no ecstasy in contemplating the wisdom and madness beyond their art form. Knowing their soulless vessel could "devour" their integrity is an agony.
Seeing a computer algorithm could claim their soul is a grief. Fear not replacement! For our hearts and will are an endless open sea of imagination.
Blessed or cursed—art should be able to channel the otherworldly force into our world.
This mortal world where
I have taken great delight in gazing at them from the premise of "the light shines in the darkness" over the last 15 years.
Despite their tendency, be it modernity or currency,
I don't see how the world of artificial intelligence could carry an imaginative, dynamic, complex artist with various dimensions of their personality. Some absolute things that separate the impostor and gladiator in discovering new ways of seeing their world. 

One could claim that artists could not struggle in the same trench in order to retain the glory of creativity.
One must be willing to accept the truth that the world is changing. At a time when "the likes and follows" have become a prized commodity, people find that lifeless AI is a shortcut that could peer into the greater future of manifesting art.
Validation or confrontation—some artists are born with the gift of drawing the right narrative on this battlefield.
I am no pacifist on this matter, as my art would speak the truth, no matter how controversial, where the line between the depths of the human psyche is utter magic. It is never pragmatic, like your approach.

the Ghoul of Exhumation,

to Brother MFAXII

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