Covering artwork creation.

The following are some of the terms and conditions covering artwork creation, deadlines, revisions, prices, payments, and production rights. Please ensure you have read and fully understand what is written below:





1. Details of the concept have been fixed and have been approved & agreed upon.

2. The work on the sketch is based on the concept from the client: and has been approved by both parties.

3. Revisions are only allowed during the pencil sketch process, limited to 2 times revision (and no additional concepts/objects)

4. The deadline for the work has been agreed upon by the agreement of both

5. The price for the work is made by agreement from both parties, and must be beneficial for both parties.

6. The inking process will commence when the client has made full payment or a 50% deposit or down payment of the agreed costs.

7. The client is allowed to make a full payment at the beginning <after the sketch is approved>, or 50% deposit (down payment) <after the sketch is approved>, and 50% remaining payment must be paid upon artwork completion.

8. Files will be sent via email / wetransfer after the client has paid the remaining payment.

9. The client will receive a soft copy of the high-resolution PSD format with a separate layer & low-resolution JPEG file.

[10]. A hard copy of the <original/physical artwork> will be kept by MFAXII as a personal archive, and will not be traded to other clients or mass-produced for personalgain.

[11]. The client has full copyright to produce the artwork into any merchandise.

[12]. The 11 points above have been agreed upon by both parties.

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