Glorious Endeavor

Glorious Endeavor – is a new title in the DEVOUR series; it reveals my journey in finding a turning point. It was like climbing with all my might to a peak only to run downhill into an unmeasured dimension. Maybe it's just a process of self-transformation, a series of dynamic events, and one of my attempts to try to find a new guiding light to get out of the gloomy path that has haunted me for a long time. I don't understand why it feels so amazing because as long as I'm working, the excitement seems unusual from earlier.

Now, I will share with you a little experience in the process
of making Devour – Glorious Endeavor.
At first hand, I realized the Devour series became a work that repeated every year and now is the 3rd year for the latest Devour series. In the making this time, I pour a variety of stories and new experiences, by cultivating stronger expectations,apply the gap from the style which I have been practicing all this time, then affix a different storyline than before.

“Devour – Glorious Endeavor” is packed with cant differentiation from my previous works, adding a new idea to give a more dimensional impression. That's one of the many reasons why I'm so excited to try this new method. I even really enjoyed the process, although it took a long time and I thought I was missing something very crucial until I experienced technical problems in the process.

Maybe excessive expectations are not good if they are not illuminated by sufficient knowledge. Luckily I got enlightenment from a new friend, he who is quite good at this method gives his knowledge willingly and I am very grateful for that.
As I mentioned before, my expectations for this work are quite high and maybe a little complicated because I want to try to embed some short motions and then make them feel more dynamic in the small dimensions that I have created.

Then suddenly a new problem arose, a technical dilemma that I mentioned earlier. The barrier wall was blocked my path, I was faced with expectations that were not in accordance with cultivation. This finally forced me to stop developing the work further and ended up with only its 3-dimensional forms.

I was having a hard time and plagued with disappointment, but I felt I had to get up immediately and accept that this was all a valuable exercise to be able to develop it even further.
In the end, I think this work is sufficient to represent my original intention and purpose. Along with acquiring new knowledge, I will try to fulfill the desired transformation to bind perfectly with my expectations. A mission to deliver a new appearance from DEVOUR series


Paraphrasing by Hilman Sukmana


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