We as humans are the product of history. Each individual inherits many strengths and flaws given by the nature of the past. Every incident will make an impact. Filth can be cleansed, every wound can be healed. Nevertheless, a bitter memory will continue to be remembered by the eye, retained by the mind, and even soul. It is not bad if we can remember some of these grievous incidents to make them a "memento" or turn them as a warning for ourselves.
Numerous dark scenarios have occurred in various parts of the world. A disturbance that shows the cruelty that can be achieved by humans, the ease of losing lives, infusing and leaving physical and mental wounds. A series of events were hidden to maintain order and sustain the continuity of a system. Get rid of all evidence so that it remains tightly closed behind the facts or even deliberately exposing it to form an impression of "power".

Some specific individual or group that has the power to annihilate will not rest until the ambition is fulfilled. In order to achieve this goal, humans who are described as the most "perfect" creatures can do things beyond reason. It is like a perception that has been contaminated and covered by a corrupted will that even has the heart to step over several "cadavers" to achieve its goal.
Based on all that, this time I will grant a particular idea derived from the series of events as mentioned previously, and my point of view as an illustrator by providing a visual opinion through an artwork.
The output will be slightly nostalgic and different from my previous work. Implementing new energy and distinct impressions, a "method" that I have been considering
for a long time. Emitting expressions of cruelty and brutality that are inspired by real events, then wrapped by implicitly (including (contained) in them (although not clearly stated or blatantly); encapsulated in them; contained subtly; implied) giving sufficient space for the comprehension itself. So that when you see and digest, it will unveil a dynamic assumption without referring to stigma and ignorant judgments. In order to inspire each other to respect the meaning of the presence of life.

“Learn and constrain your perspective as it emerging and turn into a double-edged sword.”


Paraphrasing by Hilman Sukmana

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