Origin of The Specter/
The Lair.
   Arise from a phenomenon and rooted from some perception. The Specter or just call it Specter, has transformed into a silhouette that always observes and overshadows every time.
Living between a narrow recess in one soul does not inevitably make him restrained moreover
he can change his surrounding environment in an instance.

As told this time, behind the veil of soul he forms a space for shelter, filled and decorated with
various manifestations of matter and energy. A diorama of the universe that he formed carefully and with great care. Reaping shoots of bitterness which he turns into new sprouts and grows within time.

Then he stood proudly, with his wings outstretched, an ultimate manifestation of his power, holding his indomitable scythe, while bearing up the goblet, a goblet filled with dignity and satisfaction after perfecting the shape of his cradle.

He praises the whole universe.

Now and then, the form of The Specter will always be present, with diverse spaces, and will extend
to provide new tales.

Paraphrasing by Hilman Sukmana

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