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In effect June 15, 2k21

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& Protection

As stated in detail point no.11, all types of Hard Files (original artwork) will be stored by MFAXII as an archive, and will not be traded to other clients or reprinted for personal use moreover to be reproduced for commercial purposes.

On this web page, MFAXII maintains and respects the privacy & protection of the client's artwork, by not posting it on the website.


-0/1 To maintain the preservation of the artwork itself, and protect the client's artwork from irresponsible people; such as storing, saving (without permission) and using for deconstruction and resale, and other deviant things.

-0/2 MFAXII also does not post the final result of work with a full version display on social media with large file quality.

-0/3 This method is arranged to avoid and protect the client's artwork from undesired negative behaviors, learning from experience several years ago, MFAXII has determined that this is the right way to protect all client's work.

-0/4 Expecting irresponsible characters to better understand the process and appreciate each work is very tough, therefore MFAXII will continue to work harder and remain committed to protecting the work of each client.

All works posted on this website are personal works, collaborations, or works exclusively published on Écstatix Perspectiva.

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