MFAXII “The 13th Corridor”

Avoiding disaster, staying away from danger is part of human instinct. In order to survive or just want to avoid bad luck, some people believe in a peculiar ways to stay on the line of good destiny. Several groups of people have their own beliefs about a story that is set in the past. Like a number, it is defined as a digit symbol used to represent
a number value. However, from a series of several digit numbers we know there are some numbers that have other meanings. 13 (Thirteen), a two-digit number that is considered by some to have an abstract concept, even some groups avoid using the number because it is considered to bring bad luck, bad omen or disaster.

In this perspective, I try to give another opinion about it, where some people consider it has negative aspect, while I've belief that in the number 13 there are some things that we should appreciate or embrace. Because for me personally, the number 13 or more precisely in my 13 years of working as MFAXII, I got a lot of new things, positive elements wrapped in the form of principled energy that is useful for pushing myself to be better than the previous year. The 13th year, entitled THE 13th Corridor, analogized to a corridor / passageway or a new gate to a vague journey in the future. After previously experiencing extra ordinary experiences and several unexpected events in my 10th year of work (A Hell of Decade), this time I have solid hopes to be able to accelerate faster and lock goals accurately. As the universe goes on, by reawakening it from the dead, a new spirit that appears will be a spark for my initiation in future works. With the addition of new formulas that have been wrapped into a series of interesting stories to be presented in my next works.   

(Paraphrasing by Hilman Sukmana)

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