Descend The New Dimension

In a world full of intrigue, a universe full of sensation, andall the variety of the unlimited entrance now emerge upon us. It was this initial thought that made MFAXII determined to start looking for something new& try to expand another vision at a time enlarge the possibilities to gain a new form of energy inside the new dimension.

To strive to seek to find and not to yield, in this new set of journey, MFAXII begin a new venture and 
set various courses of unknown possibilities,
by digging as deep as possible and continue to explore the path within it, therefore carry on to conquer the potential within him.

Without leaving all the essential aspects of his creation, now he descends into a new dimension, experimenting and absorbing all new energy. It will always begin with new challenges, and the emergence of difficulties that can manifest into any form. But it's not all that strange, this time he’s determined and would defend it with full strength, honing his expertise with hope to deliver strong distinctive creation among other.

Paraphrasing by Hilman Sukmana


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