Contemplated for a moment while slightly possessed by the desire to start gazing deeper into a painting taken from Saint Peter, where the painting was first exhibited, which is a masterpiece of the Italian painter "Caravaggio".

It was very striking for him so that encouraged MFAXII to immediately assemble personal perception about the masterpiece and put it in his work because it gave the same notion but with a different incarnation.
From his point of view, MFAXII is depicted as a physical form that possessing a companion figure in the form of an undead creature who is ensnaring a snake's head.  In his perspective, the creature represents a protective embodiment (offering) from the immortal universe, while the snake is a symbol of disastrous aspects, a manifestation that has contaminating poison, a sinful entanglement, a taboo and dangerous figure that is always terrorizing since the beginning of its eleventh year.

As seen from the other side, is a mysterious figure wearing a cape and hood that disguises his face, who always gives his faith through invocation in the hope of preserving and accompanying all virtue and eliminating all threats from the snake figure.

The image of a human being is reincarnation from the perspective of someone reborn after going through a decade full of remorse. Along with the process of being reborn, he immediately commences his first steps by crawling, and as time goes by, he hopes that the missteps and dark times will never be recounted. Accompanied by the lasting help from the immortal universe that can shapeshift into various imagery as well as the devotions and faith offered by the mysterious figur

Paraphrasing by Hilman Sukmana

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