It all started from a declaration of my dissatisfaction. When I reopened my work back in 2012-2015, something came through my mind, and  I realized that much of the artwork was influenced by many gores aspects, brutal outcomes, beheadings, and other related impressions. Furthermore, all these things indirectly accompany my journey and process of creating the artwork.
Many times passed, and when I started to set aside that certain style, some internal upheaval ensues, between leaving that style or exploring another distinctive theme and attempting a new concept. And approximately about one year ago, my curiosity suddenly appeared. It’s all coming back like a flash of light,suddenly opening up a new insight for me. So I made up my mind, thinking of implementing the forgotten method back and injecting it into a new manifestation by focusing more on the atmosphere,
showing a darker-sadistic side, gloom, and adding a sense of despair.

Putting a more realistic theme and also a rearrangement of artwork, I'm also exploring and attempting more drawing techniques. All these ink strokes start at nightfall and are accompanied by my own personal tracklist to feed my inner thought and get into the zone that brings me closer to the atmosphere that fits me.
And when you listen to the tracklist (Spectral Voice - Ineffable Winds, Corrupted - En La Oscuridad, Corrupted - Loss, Grinning Death Head - Black Skies Above,
Grinning Death Head - Acrid Damnation
) I hope that you can feel the same atmosphere that I serve at 'Encubierto Masacrado'.

“Learn and constrain your perspective as it emerging and turn into a double-edged sword.”


Paraphrasing by Hilman Sukmana

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